Air hostess from new Sri Lankan airline Mihin Lanka

You might don’t know I’m from Sri Lanka Few weeks back in here they have started new Airline call Mihin Lanka it is a new low-cost airline based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. And It is a fully owned and funded enterprise of the Sri Lankan government. It’s main focus is providing low cost flights from Colombo to Dubai, in the UAE and a number of cities in India. Launched in 2007, And I got a snap of air hostess of Mihin Lanka thta you might like to see..  :roll: 

Mihin Lanka Air hostess

Mihin Lanka Air hostess high-resolution Image

Official Website of Mihin Air – Mihin Lanka

Want to work in Mihin Lanka..? – Read this before go to Interview

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278 Responses to Air hostess from new Sri Lankan airline Mihin Lanka

  1. subodha Madhubhashini says:

    My ambition is to be a airhostess and 22 years old.I am studing at University of Peradeniya now.Also I am fluvancy in English and computer literacy.If u can help me I will realy appriciate it.Thank you.

  2. Tharindu Anuradh Wasalage says:

    dear sir/madam,
    i am Anuradh,I would like to be a Cabin crew member.i have done my o/l and a/l.and i followed a diploma in Hospitality Management and Hr certificate course.After that I worked at Hilton hotel Colombo one year experience.At the moment I’m working from cool planet pvt ltd as a he assistant. so tell me how to apply.thank you.

  3. dulmi says:

    i like to join with you

  4. sakuni perera says:

    i am 18 years old. i like to be an air’s my dream. i am complete o/l and i flowing a/l. i love being an air hostess in mihin lanka can you all pleas help me to apply..

  5. Dilini gayathri lamahewa says:

    I want to join srilankan airlines for job .I have got passed o/l (2B,3C,&2S) and A/L art subjects (2B,1S) Have good computer knowledge plzzzzz tell me how to apply tnx

  6. Adeesha says:

    hi,i would like to be an air hostess.i have successfuly completed my o/l & a/l in English medium.plz tell me how to apply.Thank You .

  7. Adeesha says:

    hi,i would like to be an air hostess.i have successfuly completed my o/l & a/l in English medium.plz tell me how to apply.Thank You .

  8. Nayomi says:

    I’m 20 years old. I like to be an air hostess. Plz help me.

  9. vinodya samarathunga says:

    I’m 20 years old. I’v already done my a/l exam. Now I would like to be an air hostess. Can I join with you? Please let me know how to join in mihin Lanka..

  10. Shashikala didulangi says:

    I’m 20 years old. I like to be a air hostes. Plz help me.

  11. Maduranga Perera says:

    HI, My name is Maduranga, I so want to be an air hostess so i follow a cabin crew course year a go, now i all ready done finished with my course and i believe i have good personality,confident and i can take responsibilities. could you pleas help me and tell me how do i apply for this. thank you..

  12. Loid says:

    i like to be a air hostess.plz tell me haw to apply it.plz.thank you.

  13. ishara madhushani says:

    please could I know how to apply to be an airhostess ? I’m 20 years old now. I got through my o/l s and a/l s . I’m an English teacher of nalanda college in Colombo 3….

  14. Shawmia says:

    I am eager to be an air hostess in sri lanka. I have done my O/L’s & also A/L’s with languages especially including English as well as English computer. And also i have done my B.SC degree in visual communication. I’m fluent in English.I would be very much obliged if I am selected me for the above post. I’m a good looking person as well as proper personality.
    Thank you very much!!!

  15. sasani says:

    I want 2 be an airhoster. How can I apply for it?

  16. diluka madushani weerasekara says:

    I want to be a airhoster pls help me

  17. I want to be an airhoster plz help me.
    I’m waiting for it

  18. mayumi sajeewani says:

    dr,sir,medam…i want to be a airhosster.i have done o/l and a/l.plz tell me how to apply thaks

  19. nethmini pabasra says:

    I would like to be an air hostess.i have done my O/L & A/ i follow English diploma in i want to know how to apply It…plz tell me…..thank you

  20. dilshani ayeshma says:

    I want to be 18 years airline tiketing diploma.plz tell me how to apply

  21. Dear sir/madem,

    I’m Shashikala.I’m 20 years old.I did O/L & A/L.i hope to be a air hostess.I like this job.please inform me,how to apply this.i hope your reply.
    Thank you!

  22. Sandamali Welideniya says:

    i want to be an air dream is that.are there vacancies?can you please inform me how can i apply

  23. Dear Sir/Madam,I’m Shanika Perera.I’m 20 years old.One day I would like to be an air hostess.I have done O/L and A/L.I’ll be much thankful to you if you could be kind enough to let me know how to apply…..

  24. Ashi rulz says:

    Dear sir/madam i would like to be an air hostess. Now a days i am reading a degree for tourism and hospitality management degree in Plymouth university UK. As same as I am following N3 Japanese embassy examination also. I am fluent in English, Sinhala and Japanese also. please reply me how to apply it. Thank you.

  25. Sujani Maheshika says:

    I’m 22 years old.My ambition to be an airhostess.Now I’m a merchandiser.I like to join with mihim lanka you think if suit me this vacancie i like to work hard for your community.How I apply for it????

  26. sanju paranawithana says:

    I want to br a air hoster .plz help me

  27. aysha fravin says:

    Dear sir madam i want be come airhostees in sirlankanairles plz help me

  28. thisuri neema weeramanthri says:

    i really hope to be an airhoster and like to be a member in mihin lanaka.please favourable reply soon

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